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This site is a repository for competitive swim meet data from leagues in Northern Virginia including summer and high school leagues.  You can get results, search leaders and compare results between all of our participating leagues.  You can also run virtual meets between any of the teams represented on  Watch this site for more information including blogs and commenting, videos, photo galleries and more!

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CSL 2020 Competitive Swim Season
Mon, 5-25-2020 | Caroline Taylor
Dear CSL Swimmers, Coaches, Volunteers, Families, and Officials,

Unfortunately, CSL reached the very difficult decision to cancel 2020 swim meets for COVID-19 related safety reasons. We fully understand the disappointment associated with canceling CSL 2020 summer swim meets.

Over the last 10 weeks, the CSL Executive Committee and Team Representatives met virtually numerous times to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 developments, gather safety information, and consider any potential 2020 season scenarios. We exhaustively garnered safety and other input from all stakeholders including federal, state, and local entities, as well as home owners associations, pool operators, coaches, clubs, officials, parents, and swimmers. We sincerely appreciate the constructive conversations and feedback. Again, we are profoundly sorry CSL can not offer meets this season. We look forward to the 2021 CSL season. Most importantly, please contact your individual CSL team officials regarding any 2020 swim team related activities.

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New Virtual Meets Tool and Predictor Available!
Mon, 5-26-2014
Check out the new Virtual Meets Tool for comparing teams using actual posted data.  You can also click PREDICTION next to current schedules in the Scheule and Results section to help predict your meets.

Check out the Virtual Meets Tool