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This site is a repository for competitive swim meet data from leagues in Northern Virginia including summer and high school leagues.  You can get results, search leaders and compare results between all of our participating leagues.  You can also run virtual meets between any of the teams represented on  Watch this site for more information including blogs and commenting, videos, photo galleries and more!

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2021 Cory Young CSL All Star Meet Recap
Sun, 8-1-2021 | Hy Tek Admin
It was a beautiful day to close out the 2021 swim season with the inaugural Cory Young CSL All Star Meet. Cory Young passed away this past winter, leaving behind generations of swimmers and computer operators who looked to Cory for tips and techiques. He always knew who was close to setting a record and would give swimmers encouragement to dig deep and swim fast.  In his honor, we have chosen to rename the All Star meet the "Cory Young CSL All Star Meet".  May all that knew Cory continue to encourage new generations of swimmers to swim fast and to strive to be the best in all they do.  
While no new CSL records were set this year, there were five triple winners, uncounted close races, and many personal bests swum.
Many thanks to Ashburn Village for hosting a great meet..
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New Virtual Meets Tool and Predictor Available!
Mon, 5-26-2014
Check out the new Virtual Meets Tool for comparing teams using actual posted data.  You can also click PREDICTION next to current schedules in the Scheule and Results section to help predict your meets.

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