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In the summer of 1996 the engineers now at IonicWeb working with the founders of NVblu, Inc. launched the first website for the Northern Virginia Swimming League.  This website was the first of its kind to connect a database and web pages allowing the league to upload their results files directly into the system thus providing the coaches, swimmers and their family an online tool to search league leaders and view accurate meet results on the Internet.  This site became such a popular site for the swimming community that the same team launched similar sites for The Colonial Swimming League and the Dominion Country Club League.

Since 2005, IonicWeb has worked dilligently to improve the technology and platform in order to give the leagues the best online experience possible.  IonicWeb has collected over 2 million swim records into its database over the past years.  The popularity of these sites has grown tremendously with over 50,000 regular users accessing the sites each year viewing over 3.5 million pages during the 2011 seasons.

This growth has pushed IonicWeb to develop a very powerful and efficient platform to deliver the needed information to all users under this level of access and to provide timely and accurate data to all those searching the system.

In the summer of 2012 was launched to further expand the swimming online experience to include additional summer leagues, high school swimming and USA Swimming LSC's and their meets.  During the next 12 months we will be adding these leagues and expanding the site to create the best online resource for competitive swimming in the DC Metro area.

If these leagues require a new website, can provide one similar to the other leagues we are running today however, will take schedules, results and Hy-Tek meet files even if other leagues are running their own websites and want to continue to do so allowing them to participate with our on-line tools.

If you are interested in seeing your league or club represented on this site please contact us at