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Virtual Meets

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Virtual Meets
SYSTEM UPDATE 6/30/2014 12:42pm: Yards times now factor into the Predictor results.
SYSTEM UPDATE 6/25/2014 3:40pm: NVSL searches and the Predictor now default to 2 individual events rather than 3.
SYSTEM UPDATE 6/24/2014 11:00am: Relays are now posting properly for NVSL Virtual Meets.
Select criteria to launch a virtual meet between 2 or more teams then click the Run The Virtual Meet button below. All virtual meets use the selected season data.
If you select teams across multiple leagues, the system will only display events common to each league.
Select at least 2 teams from 1 or more leagues:
Click league and letter to display teams. Click team to add it to virtual meet
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Data Year (Season):
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Maximum events per swimmer:
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Note: Swimmer events are sorted based on highest placed event at top, lowest placed event at bottom. This ensures the best events for each swimmer will be used in the meet.
Meet type data to use for this virtual meet:
Standard Meets
Standard Meets and Divisional/All-Star Swims
Relay Carnival
Relay Carnival Including and Standard Meet Relays
Which times to use:
Best Times Posted From Selected Season
Best Times Posted From Most Current Meets in Selected Season
Times per Event by Team:
Top times regardless of team per event
Top 3 times maximum for each team per event
Top 2 times maximum for each team per event
Top time maximum for each team per event
Points for each place:
Enter points for each place scored starting with 1st...separate using commas...example: 5,3,1.
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